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Oriental health preservation · Chinese Longli ritual

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  • Introduction
  • Client Background
    Gansu Longxitang Nutrition and Health food Co., LTD., is an industrial joint-stock company integrating r&d, production and sales of famous local specialty products, medicinal diet tonics, exploration and dissemination of folk arts and crafts gifts and health care culture.Founded in 1994, the company has built a complete industrial chain from r&d, production to sales after more than 20 years of development, and has become a leading enterprise in the centralized display and sales of characteristic products and cultural artworks in Gansu province.

    Problem Description
    There are many products of Longli series with different packing and different styles.The original slogan of the brand, "Seminary in Longyuan", is not conducive to brand communication and does not highlight the core value of the brand;The competitive products in the market are under great pressure in price and packaging, and the sales of the products are facing a bottleneck after many years on the market.

    Total Solution
    After Zhixinpack diagnosed the brand of Longxitang, from a strategic perspective, it tailored the packaging "four steps" : "Sheng" -- advertising language upgrade: "Oriental health, China Longli", "mark" -- for the packaging with distinctive branding marks, restore the characteristics of the food itself, fashion high-end, brand sense;"Different" -- differentiated technology, improve competition barriers, improve brand recognition."Near" - the branch production nearby, greatly reduces the transportation cost.

    Effect Appraisal 
    From single product packaging to the overall strategy, Zhixin "integrated service" let the brand horizontal and vertical dry outside!Sales growth of 20%, cost reduction of 33%.In June 2017, Longxitang went public on the New Three Board.

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