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Packaging and printing method
Last updated:2018-11-12 16:16:39     Clicks:3144

Do you know the common printing method in packing box printing?The following dongguan packaging design editor to talk about for you

First, gravure is a good quality, quality is relatively stable, the life is longer, more suitable for mass printing, but this printing method in the price is relatively high, ink is a certain pollution.
Second, offsctdruckeren is mainly printed with paper materials, sheet-fed offset printing color box in the printing of the format is changeable, and is more flexible, improve and add components can be printed corrugated board.
Third, the flexo printing equipment is a simple structure, easy to form a production line, the price is relatively low, printing manufacturers in the investment cost is not high.It can also greatly increase labor productivity.The ink used is water-based, is non-toxic and pollution-free, for the protection of the environment is beneficial.
Above is the printing method of packaging box, I hope this article can give you help.

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