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How to design the packaging of lighting fixtures?
Last updated:2018-11-03 09:58:10     Clicks:3039

How to design the packaging of lighting fixtures?The following dongguan packaging design editor to talk about for you;

1, the packaging material should prevent the lamps from being damaged, because the lamps are fragile and need to be paid attention to. It is inevitable that there will be some bumps and bumps in the transportation. If the packaging is not firm, it will be a loss to the merchants and consumers.
2, the selection of box type needs to pay attention to, according to the size of the lamps to choose, at this time we need to consider the characteristics of different lamps in the design of lamps, so that we can design different packaging.
3, in addition to fixing lamps and lanterns accident also needs to be beautiful, beautiful packaging will attract the attention of consumers, packaging design good-looking sales will be more successful.
Above is about the lighting fixture packaging design points, I hope this article can give you help.

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