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Hilda tea box solution
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Client Background
Yingzhou Red tea Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive tea enterprise integrating planting, research and development, processing and sales.Company vision: To build a scientific and ecological tea enterprise combining tea enterprise, ecological tea garden and e-commerce platform production and marketing!Focus on creating independent tea
Brand "Szinta"

Problem description

In the past, customers lacked overall planning for the "Starwood" brand, and they used local version packaging for sales, resulting in disordered products later.In the long run, it hurts brand building!

Total Solution

Through communication and understanding, we reorganize and optimize the brand culture and visual image of "Starwood"!The brand of "Nianda" is positioned as "Gift tea", and the product line is replanned, with Xi, Nian and Da corresponding to three levels of low, medium and high respectively, which not only enriches the product line, but also makes the marketing strategy more focused

Effect appraisal
In this project, we interpret and dig deep into the brand culture from the perspective of market and sales, build our own brand equity, and firm our own brand road in the future development process.

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